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Laboratory of Marine Ecology at Department of Polymers UCT Prague

The Merna group @UCTPol launches the LME project focused on impact of microplastics on marine life. The intention is to build several independent artificial reefs equipped with state-of-the-art sensoric and regulation elements to monitor the basic parameters of seawater. Currently we are loooking for the partner to build this lab. At the same time we are seeking colleagues with expertize in marine biology with focus on corals metabolism, corals sceleton morphology and mechanical properties. 'We want to investigate the effect of plastic waste microparticles on zooplankton and low forms of marine life (corals, eventually invertebrates)', says Prof. Merna, head of the Catalytic Polymerization Laboratory at the Department of Polymers. The project is sponsored by non-public donors from sector of synthetic plastics production with which the CatPolLab has  a long term collaboration. 'We are happy to welcome other partners who wish to express their respect and responsibility to global ecological systems - oceans. For many years we have been working on the development of advanced synthetic plastics with perfect mechanical properties and high durability. To our believe, they still represent sustainble and the most green way how to keep the quality of our lifes. However, there is also a time now to take our responsibility as researchers who helped to develop these materials which are currently causing severe environamental  problems', Merna adds. 

Team leader: Prof. Jan Merna, The Catalytic Polymerizations Research Group

Academic collaborators: Prof. David Levin, Mannitoba University (enzymatic degradations of polyeolfins)

Industrial partners: TBA

Expected project funding: 1 000 000 CZK 

Funding source: non-public

Dissemination: @Merna_group Twitter account

Contact for media: UCTPol01@vscht.cz


Updated: 1.12.2022 16:01, Author: Jan Merna

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